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Building Character

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Building characters can be fun, believe it or not, but it does require a little bit of study for the students. This short lesson plan will help them better understand character goals and motivations, will help lead the students into creating their own characters for a unit of fiction writing, and can lead toward discussion on larger parts of fiction writing.


Time Length: 2 days


Day One

Use the Creating Character handout (found on the handouts page) 3 different ways in order to create character.

  • 1. Read through the questions with your students. Have them fill out the questionnaire using real information about themselves. Treat them as characters, because, in fiction, the characters are generally created to be as real as possible. Readers don't put any faith in characters who are not "real."


  • 2. Have the students draw pictures of themselsves in the space provided.


  • 3. Give the students a new copy of the handout (or have them copy the questions onto another sheet of paper. And use the same questions to define a character in any short story you'll read. Some questions will be much easier to answer than others.



Day Two

  • 4. Once you've covered all aspects of both handouts (and discussed the more difficult aspects of character), give the students a thid copy of the handout. Have them complete the questionnaire by creating a completely new character. They'll write about this character in a short story.


Remember to model these steps yourself.


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