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The dreams unit is meant to show students (in some way) the amount of work it takes to fulfill one's goal. It will be a long and difficult task, but the unit will lend itself to opportunities for many different types of reading and writing.


I began this unit at the beginning of the school year so that I could discuss some of the aspects while introducing myself. I discussed that dreams are difficult to accomplish because they're so far away we can't see all the work for the goal. (This is a little backward, but will switch around once the students see what's involved.)


Time Length: Neverending


Day One

1. I had the students brainstorm possible dreams on the Brainstorming handout found on the Handouts page. I allowed them to discuss these dreams as they completed the handout.

(Remember to model brainstorming/spidergraphing first. Model your own dreams and discussion as you create the spidergraph on the board)


2. Grab a sheet of butcher paper (from the library...isn't it always in the library?) and label it something like: Dreams--2nd hour


3. Allow the kids to fill up the paper with their dreams, their names, etc.


4. Hang the dreams-sheet somewhere visible in the room. This will remain a part of your classroom until the unit is complete.

(Remember to discuss with the students that any dream is attainable, but that it will take work; remind them not to make fun of each other's dreams)


A few quotes from Thomas Edison to ground the idea of work and accomplishing one's goals:


"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."


"I have not failed. I have only found 10,000 ways that won't work."

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