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Here you'll find an assortment of printable handouts. Word documents (.doc) are completely editable, but you will not be able to make any changes to the (.jpg) files. You'll have to copy and paste them into a word document in order to print them.




Quick-Task Handouts

Quick-Tasks are meant as reusable study sheets. GIve each student a copy of this handout he/she will keep. When testing the students on their knowledge of the selected topics, just ask them to complete the items you're covering.

Update: A few spelling errors and an unclear definition were changed on the back sheet of the Grammar worksheet.




Creating Character

The text in this handout is completely stolen from Nancie Atwell's __Lessons thst Change Writers__; I've merely added a little person-shaped thingie to give your students a chnce to draw a character they'll be writing about in a fictional story. (This is easily adaptable to use in studying characters for in-class readings.)




This is an ongoing unit focusing primarily on writing. Check the Lesson Plans page for more information. Otherwise, click the following links for the related downloads



This is a worksheet giving students an opportunity to come up with at least three different topics for writing in the Dreams unit. The clouds banching off from the larger clouds are ment to cover topics related to the larger topic. You know....spiderwebbing!

* Brainstorming Dreams (.doc)


Persuasive Writing

This is sort of a visul roadmap to writing a persuasive essay. Although this is a word document, it is a pasted picture and may not be edited. I used this handout in the Dreams unit I created for my students.

* Persuasive Essay Road Map



These powerpoints are free to download, and you are free to amend them in any way necessary.


Jeopardy Powerpoints

I use these in my classes as review for tests, and for a breather right after we finish a unit.

* Jeopardy Review

* Jeopardy Review #2


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