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Literature Circles

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Literature Circles are a great strategy to use with oral reading as well as self-directed (silent) reading. The following is a website with a set of commonly-used groups, definitions of the groupmembers' tasks, and downloadble handouts.


All America Reads: Lit Circles Groups


You can amend these however you'd like when you use your own literature circles. Some players parts are more adaptable for some chapters.


For my classes, I allowed the students to choose their own parts. Then I gave them this work as an in-class assignment to be finished before class the next day. This allowed me to see the students working, and to offer help where and when I thought it was needed.


One Thing to Consider

It might be best to put those students who share roles into one discussion group when they prepare for the larger Lit Circles. Put all the summarizers (or directors, or travel tracers, etc.) into one group and have them hash our information they'll all share with their other groups. This will keep all the information similar across all the boards. Some students might have other details to add, but the majority of the information will be similar.

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