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These Five Paintbrushes in Writing are taken from a technique created by Harry R. Noden for practicing grammar through writing in order to strengthen sentence fluency.



1. Painting with Participles

(An "ing" verb tagged on the beginning or end of a sentence)

"Hissing, slithering, and coiling, the diamond-scaled snakes attacked their prey."




2. Painting with Absolutes

(A noun and an "ing" or "ed" verb added onto a sentence)

"Claws digging, feet kicking, the cat climbed the tree."




3. Painting with Appositives

"A noun that adds a second image to a preceding noun)

"The raccoon, a scavenger, enjoys eating turtle eggs."




4. Painting the Adjectives shifted out of order

"The large bull moose, red-eyed and angry, charged the intruder."




5. Painting with Action Verbs

Change" "The grocery store was robbed by two armed men."

Result: "Two armed men robbed the grocery store."





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